Christoper Jesus Salinas Zavala

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I'm currently temporary Professor in Master at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the UNI (Peru). And I'm finishing some projects (articles) whose ideas began during my doctoral years at IMCA (Pérou) and Institut Camille Jordan (France).

I completed my undergraduate and master's studies at Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru). Subsequently, I completed my PhD in Mathematics under joint supervision between UNI (Pérou) and Université Jean Monnet (France). During this time I had the opportunity to be a Professor-Researcher at the Camille Jordan Institute in Saint Etienne (France).

Main research interests

Analitic number theory, combinatory, analysis, arithmetic functions in several variables, tauberian theorems.

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Domain: Analitic number theory
Preprints, Publications and Dissertations


  • Submit: Twisted multiple zeta function and its special values.
  • In preparation: Moyennes de fonctions arithmétiques multiplicatives multivariable et applications.


  • Mean values of multivariable multiplicative functions and applications to the average number of cyclic subgroups and multivariable averages associated with the LCM function. Journal of Number Theory (2022), volume 236, pages 404-442. JNT ARXIV


  • PhD thesis: Fonction zêtas multivariables, théorèmes taubériens multivariables et applications. Université Jean Monnet, France and Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria. Supervised by Driss ESSOAUBRI (Université Jean Monnet, France) and Oswaldo Velasquez (Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Peru). HAL
  • MScR thesis:
Program: Master in Applied Mathematics
Thesis title Sobre las funciones de la clase de Selberg
Defense date 2014-12-15
Advisor Dr. Oswaldo Velasquez Castañon
Supervisor 1 Dr. Julio Alcantara Bode
Supervisor 2 Mg. Hugo Castillo Lagos
Program: Doctorate in Mathematics
Thesis title Teorema Tauberianos y promedios de funciones aritméticas multivariables
Defense date 2021-10-29
Advisor Dr. Oswaldo Velasquez Castañon
External advisor Dr. Driss Essouabri
Supervisor 1
Supervisor 2