Eladio Ocaña Anaya

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Eladio Ocaña received his Ph.D in Mathematic in 2005 at Université Blaise Pascal, France & Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Perú, where he worked on A duality scheme for variational inequality problems. His research interests include continuous optimization, variational inequality problems, iterative algorithms for optimization and variational inequality problems, optimal control and calculus of variations.

Extracted from Ficha CTI

Program: Master in Applied Mathematics
Thesis title Correspondencias y sus aplicaciones
Defense date 2002-08-27
Advisor Dr. Wilfredo Sosa
Supervisor 1 Dr. Pedro Canales
Supervisor 2 Prof. William Echegaray
Program: Doctorate in Mathematics
Thesis title Un esquema de dualidad para el problema de desigualdad variacional
Defense date 2005-10-07
Advisor Dr. Wilfredo Sosa
External advisor Dr. Jean Pierre Crouzeix
Supervisor 1 Dr. Juan Enrique Martínez Legaz
Supervisor 2 Dr. Alfred Auslender