Nelson Berrocal Huamaní

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Doctor in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematics and Related Sciences IMCA-UNI. Magister in Mathematical Sciences at the Center for Exact and Technological Sciences of the Federal University of Viçosa CCE-UFV. Bachelor of Mathematical Physical Sciences in the Specialty of Mathematics from the National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga UNSCH. Areas of interest: General Topology, Differential and Algebraic Topology, Topology in low dimensions, Applications Space.

CTI - Vitae

Program: Doctorate in Mathematics
Thesis title Invariantes de aplicaciones estables de 3-variedades al 3-espacio euclidiano
Defense date 2019-07-18
Advisor Prof. Joe Palacios
External advisor Prof. Catarina Mendes de Jesús Sanchez
Supervisor 1 Prof. María del Carmen Romero Fuster
Supervisor 2 Prof. Eliris Cristina Rizziolli