Master in Applied Mathematics

The purpose of the IMCA courses, in addition to supporting the various universities, is to select students with potential to perform PhD studies. This has naturally led to the establishment of a PhD program in Mathematics at IMCA, starting in 2002. All IMCA student, has the opportunity to access a scholarship that allows him to devote full time to their studies. The number of scholarships available is limited.

Educational Objectives

Postgraduate studies in Applied Mathematics, leading to the Degree of Master, they represent a natural continuation of the undergraduate studies that in the field of Mathematics are carried out in the Faculty of Sciences of the UNI.

Its main objectives are:

  • Consolidate, deepen and broaden knowledge in the different fields of mathematical analysis and linear algebra as the main basis of the applications of mathematics.
  • Guide the student towards the applications of Mathematics in the Science and Engineering, Economics, Planning, Organizational Management, etc.
  • Perfect the student in the construction of mathematical models in based on concrete problems in the national context.
  • Perfect the student in the application of the analysis and in the computational realization of algorithms.
  • Train the student through the completion of a work of research and/or application of a specific field of Mathematics Applied.
  • Prepare the student so that he can start studies leading to the Degree of Doctor.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, is trained for:

  • Interact with multidisciplinary teams facing problems of application to engineering and other fields.

  • Help understand or model problems that arise in other fields in where mathematics is a tool-

  • Exercise teaching and research in universities or academic centers national or foreign.

  • Carry out Doctorate studies in Sciences, mention in Mathematics, in prestigious institutions.

The Master's Thesis

To carry out the degree thesis, the student will be integrated into the group of investigation to which your Advisor belongs. The student will have advice and constant and effective support from your Advisor and the members of the Investigation Group.

The Thesis Advisor must choose and register the topic with the Faculty of Sciences. of thesis in such a way that the student, with an academic performance satisfactory and with good dedication, it can be completed successfully in a year.

Although the Master's thesis is a research project, it can also be be an original and creative application work. In consecuense, must contain student input.

Lines of Research Leading to the Thesis

Analysis, Optimization, Algebra, Differential Equations, Dynamic Systems and Numerical Analysis, Theory of Numbers.

Degree Obtained

The academic degree of Master of Science in Applied Mathematics will be awarded, who have met the following requirements:

  • Have approved the credits corresponding to the study plan with a weighted average greater than or equal to fourteen (14.0), considering all the courses taken, approved and not approved.
  • Sustain and approve the thesis.
  • Proof of proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Not be subject to disciplinary action at the University.
  • Meet the administrative requirements of the University

Income Modalities

They are modalities of admission to the Master of Sciences with mention in Mathematics Applied:

  • Evaluation of merits and knowledge
  • Pre-master
  • Second master's degree
  • Second professional specialization
  • Convention
  • External transfer

Graduated Students

# Name Defense date
1 Hernan Maycol Falla Luza July 25, 2006
2 Benito Leonardo Ostos Cordero August 21, 2006
3 Arturo Ulises Fernandez Perez December 15, 2006
4 Mauro Fernando Hernandez Iglesias January 3, 2008
5 John Edwin Cotrina Asto November 4, 2008
6 Oswaldo Ernesto Huaman Romero April 17, 2009
7 Felipe Climaco Ccolque Taipe September 4, 2009
8 Ruben Edwin Lizarbe Monje December 16, 2009
9 Dimas Percy Abanto Silva December 28, 2009
10 Jose Javier Cerda Hernandez July 13, 2010
11 Erick Nomberto Davila Quesquen July 15, 2010
12 Luis Javier Vasquez Serpa September 28, 2010
13 Alba Marina Malaga Sabogal August 3, 2011
14 Tito Karel Manrique Chuquillanqui December 7, 2011
15 Manuel Teodosio Toribio Cangana January 18, 2012
16 Ruth Medina Aparcana January 18, 2012
17 Gerardo Jonatan Huaroto Cardenas March 22, 2013
18 Edgard Kenny Venegas Palacios March 27, 2013
19 Edisson Alonso Perez Sotelo June 16, 2014
20 Carlos Andres Chirre Chavez November 6, 2014
21 Juan Carlos Rojas Colunche December 15, 2014
22 Christoper Jesus Salinas Zavala December 15, 2014
23 Andres Vicente Chulluncuy Centeno December 15, 2014
24 Luis Ernesto Flores Luyo January 16, 2015
25 Ernesto Oré Albornoz January 16, 2015
26 Helmuth Villavicencio Fernandez April 10, 2015
27 Liliana Olga Jurado Cerron October 2, 2015
28 David Andres Sumire Qquenta November 4, 2016
29 Felipe Enrique Pascual Bellido September 21, 2017
30 Gerardo Zubiaga Rivera December 15, 2017
31 Victor Antonio Torres Castillo April 27, 2018
32 Joseph Luis Kahn Casapia June 5, 2018
33 Christian Amao Suxo July 4, 2018
34 Giancarlos Alberto Oviedo Valverde September 5, 2018
35 Herberth Gustavo Paucar Romero September 5, 2018
36 Americo Andres Chulluncuy Reynoso November 8, 2018
37 Juan Carlos Broncano Torres December 11, 2018
38 Enrique Idael Chavez Sarmiento December 11, 2018
39 Carlos Alberto Santana Rosas December 14, 2018
40 Jorge Joel Sulca Chipana December 20, 2018
41 Miguel Angel Yepez Veli February 1, 2019
42 Jose Andres Alcalde Sosa April 25, 2019
43 Sintia Dayana Huaytalla Tineo May 2, 2019
44 Victor Lopez Mego May 2, 2019
45 Maximo Florean Chavez Santos July 16, 2019
46 Juan Carlos Espejo Delzo March 4, 2020
47 Victor Daniel Camarena Perez February 5, 2021
48 Roland Rabanal Montoya November 17, 2000
49 Guillermo Mamani Apaza March 20, 1998
50 Juan Mesías Mamani Cayani March 23, 1999
51 Edgar Rubén Mamani Apaza March 23, 1999
52 Eladio Ocaña Anaya August 27, 2002
53 Ruth Quispe Condori March 24, 2003
54 Yboon Victoria Garcia Ramos August 28, 2003
55 Oswaldo Velásquez Castañón October 31, 2003
56 José Augusto Molina Garay August 31, 2004
57 Orestes Martín Bueno Tangoa May 5, 2005
58 Daniel Mauricio Morales Silva June 1, 2005
59 Liliana Puchuri Medina December 12, 2005
60 Luis Alonso Fiestas Llenque August 16, 2022